Microscopic Adventures!

Recently I had the fortune and desire to pick up an AmScope microscope. Ever since I had an introductory kit as a kid (it was a terrible kit) I wanted a decent microscope. I picked this one up recently, and have been very happy. The lenses arrived dirty, which was a real disappointment, but the amount of fun I had looking through it anyway more than compensated. I quickly fashioned a mount for my phone, so that I could take pictures of my samples rapidly.


I found pollen to be extremely interesting. I had never seen it up close before. It makes total sense now why it would stick to bees, as they are basically balls with spikes on them! Below is a sample taken from a simple wildflower at varying levels of magnification.

Here are some varying focus levels of pollen from a sunflower. I found nail polish to work well as a clear and permanent mount.

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