FPV 1/16 Pz. III

I know I’m lacking one of the most important parts– a picture of what the camera sees –but I hope you will forgive me. This was a really fun and easy project that I’ve wanted to dive into. First person view remote controlled hobbies to me are the future.

I hope someday to found a new RC sport where players use model tanks and fire actual cannons at each other. This is the first step towards that future.

The first thing I did was adjust the turret gear to allow it to spin 360°. There was a solid chunk of plastic material there to prevent the turret from spinning which I removed.


The white box in the picture above is a piece of paper which acted as my stencil for the dremel tool. I copied the ideal tooth pattern and replicated it in the space detailed above. I thank the original designers for using an integer based tooth calculation, so I didn’t end up with a fraction of a tooth left over!

After that, I had to wait for my parts to arrive. I ordered a simple FPV camera and transmitter as well as a LiPo battery with 6x the capacity of the NiCd that came standard. I mocked the dimensions up in SolidEdge and 3d printed the models to make sure everything fit…

Everything fit as expected and designed for! The last thing to do was wire it all together. I made a mistake in the wiring of the airsoft cannon, so that no longer functions. This just gives me more reason to design and install a real cannon and custom RC rig in the future.


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