Hood Scoop H.U.D.

This idea spawned out of a dark night and a really hard pull on my ’76 Firebird. I was well seated from the acceleration and paying close attention to the fast-approaching road. I felt the need to look at my dash panel for gauges like my speedometer and tachometer, to judge just how I was doing. BUT, taking my eyes off the road would have been more hazardous than not knowing how fast I was going. Then *bang!* the idea came to me: put some instrumentation inside the hood scoop right outside the window,  well within view. Reference the sketch below for early ideas.


I set out on the project and modeled the inlet of the scoop, then took only a minimal part of it to place the readouts. One of the more difficult parts early on was getting the 7-segment display I ordered working properly. Eventually, after testing for basic functionality with bit-banging, I delegated driving the 7-segment display to another chip, freeing the main processor (Arduino’s handy 328p) for reading data.

The current state of the project is implemented, but unfinished. I encountered an electrical problem, and I want to connect its power to the new radio panel switchboard that I made.

One of the more interesting parts of the project was rigging an apparatus that attaches to the transmission and reads the shifting levers so that I can sense which gear the vehicle is in. Reference the picture below.

I hope to have it all working by the end of the fall.

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