SWARM: game idea

I picked up Unity again the other day, and I’m pleased to say that I’m working on a game once more. The basic genre is a multiplayer capital ship strategy game. I plan on implementing it for at least 1v1, and maybe 2v2, but the real interesting part about the idea is that the main ship (3 for each side, 1 capital, 2 supporting) can release fighters/bombers/utility ships (swarm) to aid in the battle.

I feel as if one of the often overlooked parts of space battles is the chaos that small ships around the big ones add. One game I was really looking forward to was Dreadnought, but they really didn’t get the genre right. It’s ridiculous to have huge space ships fighting only a few kilometers above the ground. It’s just a slower World of Warships by Wargaming.

Below are some of my first notes and ideas. Hopefully I can bring more people on board to make this happen! I’d love to release on Steam, or mobile.


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