Repair: Battery Mount


The battery mount had rusted to pieces, and only had mounting points still workable on the front driver-side wheel well. This bent the wheel well inwards, causing the tire to scrape against the heads of the mounting hardware. Not good. In addition, batteries like to have a safe and vibration-free life, so the whole thing needed a face lift.


I repaired the battery mount by bending up a new one! I went to home depot and purchased a nice sheet of steel, bent it up, cut it with the oxy-acetylene torch, painted it, and installed it. Pictures in that order can be seen below.

Afterwards I installed some rubber and padding to dampen the vibrations, and put the battery in. Had to remove the nose to install hardware on the front side, but it fixed the problem!

Still not very happy with the wiring harness in the car, so I plan on updating that this summer. I also have a few other projects in the pipeline for summer 2k18.

Sneak peak:

HUD for inside the scoop, which displays MPH, RPM, and gear. DSC_0550[1]

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